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November 5, 2018
November 5, 2018 n8chiro

Target b2™

Breastfeeding Probiotic

A Revolutionary Probiotic That Supports Lactation Comfort and Baby Immune Health!

  • 3 billion CFU per capsule
  • 1 to 3 capsules per day
  • Supports breastfeeding comfort and duration
  • Supports infant microbiome and immunity development

The Entero-Mammary Pathway

Target b2 features a friendly bacterium (Hereditum® Lc40, Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716), sourced from healthy human mother’s milk.  It was selected specifically for its safety and immune-supporting properties.  When taken orally, this protective microbe, which is normally part of the healthy breastmilk microbiome, exerts additional protective benefits via the enteric-breast circulation, preventing colonization by less desirable bacteria.

Clinical Findings 

Controlled, clinical trials have demonstrated that supplementation with L. fermentum CECT5716 plays a significant role in prevention and is a more effective approach to resolving lactation-related discomfort than conventional methods.  As an added benefit, routine supplementation in pregnancy and throughout nursing provides needed support for mother and child gut microbiome and infant immune system development.

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This product was made in a GMP and ISO 9001:2008 registered facility.
Manufactured by Klaire Labs for Innate Chiropractic & Wellness.



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