Julio Ruiz III, LMT
Julio is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 30 years of experience.

Julio offers a wide variety of massages to meet your individual needs.  Look at the list below to decide which massage is best for you!


  Chiropractic Massage:

30 Minute massage focusing on a specific area of need; Common areas: Neck/Shoulders, Low Back or Extremities ($35 per session)

Swedish Massage:

60 Minute relaxing massage focused on the body’s superficial layers. It promotes well-being in the individual. ($60 per session)

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minute Massage aimed at musculoskeletal injuries; It involves sustained pressure, deep strokes to target inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. ($75 per session)

Prenatal Massage:

60 Minute Swedish side-lying massage; Provides muscle relaxation, relieves tension and improves labor outcomes ($60 per session)

Kar Rwn Kan Massage:

60 Minute Massage which is a combination of Table Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Reflexology ($75 per session)

Lymphatic Massage:

60 Minute massage which encourages movement of lymph fluids in the body. It removes waste and toxins from tissues. People who have auto-immune conditions benefit greatly. ($60 per session)

Sports Massage

90 Minute massage aimed at treating specific musculoskeletal injuries such as sprain/strains.  The techniques used help mobilize tissues and helps align scar tissue. It also aides the athlete in recovering faster from intense workouts or games. ($120 per session)

Other Massages:

Hot Stone Massage: 60 Minutes ($80 per session)

Cold Stone Massage: 25 Minutes ($25 per session)

Oncology Massage: 60 Minutes ($60 per session)

Cool Sculpting: 60 Minutes $65 (packages available)

CBD Massage Oil Add on ($15 per massage)

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massages can relieve depression and anxiety, improve sleep, release toxins, improve skin appearance, and relieve the symptoms of auto-immune diseases.


Other Services:

Cupping: Complimentary w/ Massage or $60 per Session

Myofacial Release: Complimentary w/massage

Graston (IASTM) $65 per session or $25 Add on w/adjustment

Kinesio-Taping $15 per area (includes tape)


Patients receive cupping to increase blood flow, to reduce pain and inflammation, and for relaxation and well-being.


Myofacial Release
Patients receive myofacial release to improve range of motion and circulation, to reduce soreness and help the tissue heal, to help the body relax, and to release tension, knots, and stress.