Julio offers a wide variety of massages to meet your individual needs.  Look at the list below to decide which massage is best for you!

  Chiropractic Massage:

30 Minute massage focusing on a specific area of need;  Common areas: Neck/Shoulders, Low Back or Extremities ($35 per session)


Swedish Massage:

60 Minute relaxing massage focused on the body’s superficial layers. It promotes well-being in the individual. ($60 per session)


Deep Tissue Massage: 

60 Minute Massage aimed at musculoskeletal injuries; It involves sustained pressure, deep strokes to target inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. ($75 per session)


Prenatal Massage:

60 Minute Swedish side-lying massage; Provides muscle relaxation, relieves tension and improves labor outcomes ($60 per session)


Kar Rwn Kan Massage:

60 Minute Massage which is a combination of Table Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Reflexology ($75 per session)


Lymphatic Massage:

60 Minute massage which encourages movement of lymph fluids in the body. It removes waste and toxins from tissues. People who have auto-immune conditions benefit greatly. ($60 per session)


Sports Massage: 

90 Minute massage aimed at treating specific musculoskeletal injuries such as sprain/strains. The techniques used help mobilize tissues and helps align scar tissue. It also aides the athlete in recovering faster from intense workouts or games. ($120 per session)


Other Massages:

Hot Stone Massage: 60 Minutes ($80 per session)

Cold Stone Massage: 25 Minutes ($25 per session)

Oncology Massage: 60 Minutes ($60 per session)

Body Sculpting: 60 Minutes $65 (packages available)

CBD Massage Oil Add on ($15 per massage)


Other Services:

Cupping: Complimentary w/ Massage or $60 per Session

Myofacial Release: Complimentary w/massage

Graston (IASTM) $65 per session or $25 Add on w/adjustment

Kinesio-Taping $15 per area (includes tape)